Bunny - A Film By Mia Trachinger

Stills friom Bunny
Nominee, 2 Independent Spirit Awards; Official Selection, Toronto International Film Festival; Winner, Cinequest Maverick Spirit Award; Official Selection, San Sebastian International Film Festival

Bunny, writer/director Mia Trachinger's award-winning first feature, tells the story of Nik and Luda, refugees who flee a civil war in their homeland, leaving behind all their worldly possessions and precious memories. After an arduous journey, they arrive penniless in a daunting, impersonal new country. Immediately, Nik and Luda track down the address of a long-lost family friend, Aunt Elsie (Elizabeth Liebel). Aunt Elsie, a hardened, suspicious widow, reluctantly takes them in.

As they look for jobs, Nik and Luda find that life in this new country is neither welcoming nor easy. Despite their considerable education, Nik and Luda cannot secure employment. Then, out-of-the-blue, an old friend, Pecha (Eugene Alper), turns up with a dubious job offer. Desperate for work, Nik and Luda agree to sign up with an experimental public works project. Their assignment: Dress as bunny rabbits, hop on street corners, and act as comfort strangers to the city's emotionally damanged population.

Luda immediately excels in her new job, attracting praise from her lascivious boss (Brian Morri). Nik, however, feels trapped by his position, unable to respond physically or verbally to the strangers' troubles. He soon becomes uneasy and tries to persuade Luda to look for another job. Luda, unwilling to sacrifice her new sense of belonging, refuses.

Slowly, tensions mounts between Nik and Luda, and their marriage begins to crumble. As Nik continues to withdraw into himself, Luda is forced to re-evaluate her identity, her ambition, her relationship with Nik...and ultimately, find a way to survive in this new land.


The Bunny crew is excited to announce that we've finished a new film, Reversion, which premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival: visit Reversion's Web site to read all about it.